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Dec 03, 2013 Unable to connect to WNDR3300 on - NETGEAR Unable to connect to WNDR3300 on Hi, I had the WNDR3300 set up fine and running for years. There was a power failure recently and it stopped working after that. I have very little knowledge of networks and network equipment, so I will try my best to describe the situation. Unable to verify the printer on my network. - Techyv.com Unable to verify the printer on my network. It seems that the printer you are trying to use is not directly connected to your computer and is possibly connected to a different computer over the network. Correct Answer: How do I connect my jetpack to my laptop Correct Answer: I logged onto the hotspot site to change my settings and now i can't connect my laptop to my jetpack mifi device, need

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Apr 13, 2014

Solved: Hi, since a few days ago i'm unable to log on to my router , when i tried to connect to my wireless network with my iphone Dec 03, 2019 · If you are unable to connect to your modem or wireless router via, make sure you are connected to it. If everything is correct, use the method I mentioned above to find out the default IP address of your router. Jul 21, 2020 · Try to connect to the network again. If you can't connect using,, or, open a terminal and run the following command: ipconfig /flushdns Unable to connect to hi I cannot connect to http: web page to edit my Linksys wireless router. thanks ernie This thread is locked. Dec 05, 2007 · Hi people,I am unable to connect to my router (UT300R2U), i am getting a 400 bad request, i did delete all cookies and history in my browser. I am unable to connect to connect to the internet, despite the fact that the internet LED keeps on blinking, please suggest a solution. If i ping, i am able to receive all the packets.