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Google app won't display search results - Android - Google If you don’t get search results in the Google app, you might need to change some settings. You can resolve errors like: "Unfortunately Google Search has stopped working." "The request was not performed because there was no connectivity." Follow these steps to try to resolve your problem. Why Is Google Search Not Working on My iPhone - 1-888-498 Mar 18, 2020 Google search engine goes not work. - Google Chrome Community Google search engine goes not work. 1 Recommended Answer 6 Replies 141 Upvotes. ood day, my google chrome search engine is not working properly. For example if I type into the search engine "flag of france" or "temperature in england" or "bike" it gives a blank page with a url address ending in UTF-8#spf=156617839302. How to Fix Google Search Not Working on Android (App and

When I tried to refine a search (modify text in their search text box) the browser would not refresh on hitting return or their search button. I had to enter the updated search in the Firefox search control (at top right). The problem did not occur when using IE 8 or Google Chrome. And I did not have the submit problems with other web sites.

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