Yes. In order to enjoy HBO GO on Chromecast you must download the latest version of the HBO GO APP in the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Chromecast will stream movies and TV shows in 1080p; titles with an HD symbol will stream in high definition with an Internet connection speed of 5 …

Cast not working to Chromecast TV Philips 55PUS7503/12 All devices on same network. I can see tv in devices list on devices but if I click it, it just won't play anything on Chromecast version 1.36.140076. On version 1.42.179832 I can't even see the tv in devices list. Netflix cast runs from all devices. Chrome web browser cast runs too. HBO Go does not work either , neither do facebook app. HBO Go and Subtitle issues - Chromecast Community Hi, I have a problem with Chromecast and HBO GO. The subtitles are at the top of the screen. It gets worse when subtitles uses 2 lines (long phrases). The first lines go one over the other. The problems only happen when casting something to Chromecast. It doesn't matter if I try the cast on HBO go app on Ipad or Chrome Browser on the mac. HBO Now 101: How to Cast Shows & Movies to Your TV While HBO Now does not support offline viewing yet, your smartphone is the perfect way to watch your favorite shows and movies on-the-go. Whether you're in a hotel running off Wi-Fi or you have an unlimited plan and are on the bus, if you want to binge some Game of Thrones, the HBO Now app is there for you. How to Use Chromecast to Watch HBO - Techzillo

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If you've jumped on board HBO Max to watch more than just HBO's content, such as DC films, Looney Tunes, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, and movies from Warner Bros., there is a downside to HBO's improved service. Namely, you cannot use it on all of your devices yet. The most notable omission is Roku players and TVs. But there are workarounds you can use until an official app comes out.

The Chrome browser tab-casting feature is still in beta on all but a few Chromecast optimized Web sites as of January 2014. It doesn't work yet from smartphone Chrome browsers and requires a fast computer on a fast WiFi network with a strong connection to function properly.. You will, of course, need to register, and in some cases pay, for many of the services listed above in order to stream

May 19, 2020 · If you are owning a Chromecast, then you can cast HBO Max contents on the TV. Casting HBO Max using Chromecast on TV will be a better alternative to installing it on your Smart TV or using other devices like Firestick and Roku. How to Create an Account on HBO Max? 1: Open on your browser. Does MAX GO work with Chromecast? No, MAX GO does not yet support Chromecast. Are shows on MAX GO offered in Spanish? Yes, there are shows on MAX GO that are offered in Spanish. If a particular show has a Spanish version, it will be noted on the show's info page. How to subscribe/unsubscribe from the MAX GO emails. To change your MAX GO email