Aug 01, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Enable Dark Theme on Windows 10/8/7 If you are also fascinated by the cool dark mode, read on this article, which will show you guides to enable dark theme in Windows 10, and to install third-party dark themes both in Windows 10 and Windows 7. 1.Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10. If you have updated your Windows 10, then you can enable the built-in dark mode in Settings. How to start Windows 8.1 directly in Desktop mode instead Oct 29, 2013 Bring Back And Super Charge The Start Menu In Windows 8.1

How to Make Windows 10 Look and Feel Like Windows 7

To disable new Metro boot loader we'll need to execute a command in Command Prompt. So first … How to switch into classic mode on Windows 7?

How To Start Windows 8 In Desktop Mode - YouTube

With Windows 10's release imminent, Microsoft will soon be able to leave the debacle known as Windows 8 behind.As many of us know, one of the chief complaints about Windows 8 was the ill-fated Windows 8 How Switch To Desktop Mode - CrocoTIPS ContentsMethod 1: Using Desktop icon1 Click on Desktop2 The result3 Switch between Desktop and MetroMethod 2: Windows key + D1 Press Windows+DMethod 3: Using Windows key1 Press the Windows keyMethod 4: Using Start button1 Find the Start button2 Click on Start3 The result Windows 8/8.1 comes with a new interface, called Metro. Here there are different shortcuts to different applications and