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The Airport Time Capsule has a built in firewall. Giving you protection you from any nastie hackers over the Internet. But you can't configure the firewall yourself. Some users have found that frustrating. For More Devices on your Apple Time Capsule. You'll find a single USB port. How to Configure Apple Wireless Router’s Firewall from

For my home network, I am still using the Time Capsule 4th Generation Router, from 2011. I realized that I may have overestimated the security of this device, as it apparently does not have a Firew

Do not assign the Library lifecycle environment to your Capsule Server because it triggers an automated Capsule sync every time the CDN updates a repository. This might consume multiple system resources on Capsules, network bandwidth between Satellite and Capsules, and available disk space on Capsules. # firewall-cmd --direct --add-rule Getting Time Capsule failure warnings? Here’s what you can Launch AirPort Utility and connect to your Time Capsule. Click the Disks tab.. Select the internal Time Capsule disk. If it doesn’t appear—well, that’s a problem and jump below.