May 26, 2014

Over the last three and a half years, Edward Snowden has gone from an anonymous government contractor to a global celebrity made the subject of two major motion pictures. Edward Snowden Opens Up About His Life in Russia - Sputnik Edward Snowden, the most famous US whistleblower, met with T he Guardian’s Ewen MacAskill for an interview ahead of the publication of the former US intel worker’s new book, Permanent Record. Living in Russia. In the interview, Snowden said that while he was initially wary of coming to Russia, which he saw as a “fortress of the enemy,” he now sees the country very differently and has Edward Snowden warns coronavirus surveillance could lead Edward Snowden, the man who exposed the breadth of spying at the US's National Security Agency, has warned that an uptick in surveillance amid the coronavirus crisis could lead to long-lasting 3 Years Later, the Snowden Leaks Have Changed How the Jun 03, 2016

A Guide To The Career Of Edward Snowden | Talking Points Memo

Jun 09, 2013

Jun 03, 2016

Booz CEO: Snowden ‘was not a Booz Allen person’ - The